Member Dashboard & Profile Tutorial

Member Dashboard & Profile Tutorial

As a member of the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce, you already know that the benefits of membership are extensive. The following is a quick tutorial on how to easily and effectively maximize one of those benefits: our Member Directory. We’re proud of our membership, and we’re sharing this written tutorial as a way to help us show you off!

How to Log In

First, you will need to log in to your account on The log in page can be accessed from any page of – simply click “Log In” on the bar at the very top of the page. Once you arrive to the page, you can insert the username and password provided to you by the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce staff.

Don’t have a login and password? Not a problem! Please send an email to requesting one, and the Staff will retrieve your details or create an account for you within one business day.

If you’ve lost or forgotten your password, please click on the “Lost Password” button below the login fields, and follow the instructions there.

Once you log in, you will be brought to the Member Dashboard Page. At any point from here on out, you can access the Member Dashboard Page by clicking “Dashboard” on the bar at the top of any page.

Features of the Member Dashboard Page

From the Member Dashboard page, you can access a variety of functions and features of using the sidebar on the left side of the page. The following section will cover each feature.

Reset your Password

The first, and most important, feature of the Member Dashboard page sidebar is the Reset Password feature. Using this feature, you are able to reset your password to something of your choosing. All members are encouraged and recommended to change their password upon logging into their account for the first time.

To change your password on this page, simply enter your new password in the “Enter Password” field under Password and then enter it again as confirmation in the “Confirm Password” field. Once finished, click on Submit.

Create and Manage Users

The second feature of the Member Dashboard page sidebar is the Manage Users feature. Using this feature, you are able to create and manage user accounts for members of your organization, so that they may have the ability to edit your Membership Directory page in your stead, as well as access materials deemed accessible by Members only.

To add a new user, start by clicking on the purple Pencil image next to “Add New User”. Several fields will appear – fill them in with the user’s first and last names, email address, and desired password. The user will have the ability to change their password upon logging in.

At the bottom of the form, you will need to decide the user’s Access Level. The Access Level determines which features of the user will be able to access. There are two access levels, Secondary and Primary.

Please note that you are not required to log into in order to register for an event.

If at any time you need to make changes to a user account, such as changing the Access Level, or deleting a user account entirely, please contact the Chamber Staff at

Create Member to Member Discounts

One of the benefits of membership with the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce is the availability of Member to Member Discounts. Many of your fellow members have opted to extend a discount on services to the membership. A full list of them can be found by Clicking Here.

To add your own, click “Manage Member to Member Deals” on the sidebar. On this page, you are able to see current deals you may have already submitted, and a form to add new ones. To submit a new Member to Member Deal, simply fill out the full Deal Verbiage, and a start and end date. All Member to Member Deals must be approved by the Chamber of Commerce Staff before they are posted. Member to Member Deals will be reviewed within 1 business day of submission.

Advertising and Profile Statistics

Members who have purchased advertising on are able to view advertising statistics on the “View Advertisement Stats” page. Once on the Advertisement Stats page, you are able to filter the statistics within a range of dates – and the graph will provide both view and click statistics for your advertisement.

Interested in advertising on Please contact the Chamber Staff at for more information.

Similar to advertising statistics, you are able to view how many times your listing on the Membership Directory has been visited on by clicking on “Profile Visitor Statistics”. Once you set a Date Range, you can view how many users have visited your profile with the graph that is provided.

Contributing Events and Submitting Payments

While you do not have to be logged in to use either of these functions, the Member Dashboard page offers convenient links to the Contribute an Event Form and the Credit Card Payment System (Pay Invoice). By using the Contribute an Event form, you are able to submit your organization’s upcoming special events to the Community Calendar on By using the Pay Invoice button, you are able to make payments to the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce using a credit or debit card.

Members Only Content is home to several Members Only Pages – filled with content exclusive to our members. These pages can only be accessed when a user is logged in – and are easily available through the sidebar on the Member Dashboard page. As the Phoenixville Chamber works to create more and more valuable benefits of membership, check back for more useful links!

How to Edit your Profile

Now that you’re acquainted with the various tools and functions available to you on, it’s time to edit your Membership Directory listing. Any Primary User is able to access the following features to make your Membership Directory listing shine.

Upon entering the Member Dashboard page, you will see an editable version of your Membership Directory profile. There are several things you can do on this page – detailed below:

Upload a Logo

The easiest and most crucial thing you can add to your Membership Directory profile is uploading your company’s logo. To start, click on the purple pencil next to “Logo”. A few buttons will appear. To continue, click on “Add Image”.

A new screen should appear over the webpage you were just viewing.

This screen is your Media Library. If you do not have any content uploaded, you will automatically be directed to the Upload Files tab. Otherwise, you will be in the main screen of your Media Library, where you can browse other images you may have already uploaded to use for your profile.

Please note that your Media Library is unique to your account. If a colleague has used a different account to upload media for your organization’s profile, you will not be able to access it on yours.

To upload your logo, you can either drag the file anywhere on your Media Library, or click to the Upload Files tab (if you’re not already there) and click on Select Files to browse your computer for the file.

Once your image has been uploaded, navigate to the Media Library tab, click on the uploaded image, then click the blue Select button in the bottom-right. The Media Library will close. Click the grey Update button below the image to save your work.

Upload a Member Profile Banner

The same process can be followed to upload a banner for your profile. The banner will appear behind your profile – by default it is a black and white image of Phoenixville, taken from above. For best results, your image should be 1600px wide by 700px high.

To get started, click on the Purple Pencil icon next to “Member Profile Banner”. Click on “Add Image” to open your Media Library, which, as described above, will allow you to upload an image to use and select it.

Edit your About Section

Want to talk a bit about your organization’s mission, products, or services? Click on the Purple Pencil Icon next to “About” to access a text box that will allow you to talk all about it. Please note there is a 600 character limit. Click the grey Update button when finished to save your work to the website.

Update Address and Contact Information

Have you moved to a new location, changed phone/fax numbers, or gotten a new website? Congratulations! All of these things can be changed on the Member Dashboard.

To start, click on the Purple Pencil Icon next to “Address”, and a number of text boxes will appear that will allow you to change your address, phone and fax numbers, and website URL. Please note that you must include http:// before your website’s URL.

If any of this information has changed, please be sure to contact the Chamber Staff directly at so it can be updated in our records.

Thank you for supporting, learning to take advantage of the Member Dashboard, and updating your profile! If you have any questions about using please contact the Chamber Staff at or 610-933-3070, and we will be happy to help you.