“Having spent many years on the board, and being a part of the membership at large, this Chamber has heart and a “can do” energy that is without equal. If you are serious about making connections, start with the Chamber Office, and they will point you in the right direction.”
Fred Hubler, Creative Capital Wealth Management Group

“I have been a member of the Chamber for many years and it has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made. I have formed so many great friendships and business relationships that there are too many to count! The Chamber has been so supportive of my business that I feel honored to be a part of such a great organization.”
Frank Giardina, Giardina Insurance & Financial Services

“I joined the Chamber within the first few months of opening my shop in 2010. As a business owner, my membership has been an invaluable resource. It continues to provide me with an opportunity to meet and partner with fellow business owners; access to complimentary educational resources through SCORE, and to collaborate with my peers to better understand the trends of the marketplace in our region.” 
Gail Warner, Bridge Street Chocolates

“As a member for almost 15 years Renaissance has benefitted thorough opportunities to connect with others in the Phoenixville Area and share our own story to many business owners and community members. I have personally built the reputation of our school by being present and involved in the Chamber’s many offerings. The Phoenixville Chamber has been an outstanding resource and partner over the years; and continues to be a great place to build awareness of our business.”
Gina Guarino-Buli, Renaissance Academy Charter School

“Thank you all so much! I really appreciate all of the work you guys do. As a new business owner, I have really had to learn how to network, as it was never as important as it is now. It is a true pleasure getting to work with the team at the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce. I look forward to doing more, and as opportunities arise, getting more involved with the Chamber.”
Derek S.

“The Phoenixville Chamber has been a fabulous resource and a key part in helping us get our small business launched. I’ve not only made good connections through the chamber, but I’ve had great professional development opportunities as well.”
Christine Wright, Wrightbrain Design

“When I moved back to Phoenixville to open my Chiropractic Practice, one of my first stops was at the Chamber of Commerce in order to get the “lay of the land” and get some help with the permit process, etc. This was a very smart move on my part. Jessica and Don were very welcoming and, more importantly, were able to put me in touch with the right people, right away. Many people have the impression that the Chamber of Commerce is the bastion of big business and corporate ticket punchers. That may be the case somewhere, but not in Phoenixville. Here, there is a large group of small business people who are very active in the community and are very supportive of each other. I would recommend that anyone who is looking to do business in the Phoenixville area consider joining the chamber. Just remember, the more active you are, the more benefit you will receive.”
Dr. Bernard Stern, Stellar Chiropractic

“More exposure means more business and I’m glad to be a member of the Phoenixville Chamber. From the very beginning, the Chamber Staff has been extremely helpful and thorough with getting me acquainted and answering my questions. The website listing, regular networking opportunities, affordable advertising plans and member-to-member discounts are phenomenal. Make a step for the good of your business and join the Phoenixville Chamber today!”
Lynise Walton, GMI Insurance

“Joining the Chamber has definitely helped me grow my business and helped me to create solid and trusted relationships in the Phoenixville community, as well as around Philadelphia. I have enjoyed being a part of such a great organization and look forward to many more years!”
Megan Inmon, MaxPoint

“The Colonial Theatre joined the Chamber in 1999, and we have not regretted it one bit. Chambers are wonderful places to meet other businesses in your community and to bring the news of your company or organization to those who are interested and in the know. Any new business, whether for-profit or non-profit, should join their Chamber as one of the first steps in their business planning. The benefits will keep on paying off.”
Mary Foote, The Colonial Theatre

“Mom’s House has been a member of the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce for many years.  As a small non-profit, with limited resources, we have found our Chamber membership to be quite valuable.   Chamber events and monthly meetings give us a chance to connect with local businesses and organizations that we might not normally interact with in our daily activities. Over the years, we have made several very beneficial contacts and have been able to participate, in at least a small way, in community events.  Phoenixville is unique in that there are many non-profits serving the area.  The Chamber provides opportunities for these groups to become involved in the community and thus expand awareness of  programs and services.  As our funds are quite limited, we appreciate that the Chamber also offers regular low-cost events or offers a lower cost options for groups like Mom’s House to become involved.  The Chamber staff is very responsive and helpful with any assistance that we may need.  They are a good sounding board and truly understand the dynamics of not only the business sector but the service sector of Phoenixville as well.

In 2013, Mom’s House was honored to be one of the recipients of the Chamber’s Charity Gala, held each year in November. This is a wonderful and well-attended annual event that has benefitted many local organizations over the years.  The Charity Gala is just another example of the Chamber’s commitment to local non-profit organizations.”
Wendy McKeon, Mom’s House

“As a non-profit organization, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills has benefited greatly from being a part of the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Membership has given me the opportunity to meet other local non-profit leaders and business owners.  Supporting local endeavors is important to us, so when starting a new project I begin by checking the Chamber Membership Directory to see who we might be able to partner with. The members know Camphill Kimberton, know our mission, and are aware of the challenges that local non-profits face. The Chamber is also a great resource to share our upcoming events with the surrounding area and provides opportunities for Camphill Kimberton residents to participate in community events, including First Fridays and seasonal festivals.”
Bernadette Kovaleski, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills

“LEADERSHIP:  Under the leadership of Jessica, the Chamber has incredible vision. Its always looking at the past, present, and future to make sure the best interest of the community are first.  Jessica has the ability to listen and understand the needs of organizations, then make fantastic recommendations to help make them more successful.  She is fostering relationships that grow our community.

PARTNERSHIPS:  We have had the opportunity to engage in many new partnerships because of the Chamber.  For example, Phoenixville First is an incredible organization, that pulls together the community through many diverse events, such as First Friday and the Food Truck Festival to name a few.  Each event that is created, fosters the opportunity for organizations to work together, creating unification across our town.  There are always ways to connect in to the Chambers events, and really deepen relationships with other community partners.

WE LOVE THE CHAMBER:  We have been members for almost two years now, and in that time, we have tremendously valued ALL that the Chamber has done for Activate.  They have been incredibly supportive of our events, and have played an integral part of our monthly Steering Committee meetings.   They have been open to helping us collaborate ways to make our community work more effective, by showing the “big picture” of Phoenixville. We are grateful to have our events on their incredibly comprehensive community calendar.  They are a tremendous resource for us, and we value their partnership.”
Kim Lutschaunig, Activate Phoenixville Area

“Feel the Warmth has been a member of the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce for several years now. Being a member of the Chamber has opened up several opportunities to partner with other non-profits that serve the region to make different events and drives held by our organization to be more impactful on the community. The Chamber has provided direct contact with local businesses and local government agencies that want to support non-profits, such as Feel the Warmth, that want to know that the valuable resources that are being donated are to be used within our community vs. being devoted to outside causes.  Whether it has been sponsorships for our fundraising events/drives, volunteer service for collecting and distributing donations or just providing contact information of individuals in need that could benefit from the essentials that we provide, being a member of the Chamber has helped grow the awareness of our organization and expand the impact that we are able to provide to the less fortunate in the Phoenixville Area.

In 2014, Feel the Warmth was honored to be named at the Chamber’s Non-profit organization of the year at its annual Charity Gala held each year in November. The Charity Gala has become a sold out event in recent years and shows both that the Chamber as an organization and its members are committed to the non-profit organizations that support the Phoenixville Region. The award included a monetary donation raised by the support of the members at the Gala that has allowed Feel the Warmth to continue to expand the number of individuals and organizations that  it can serve in the community.”
Michael Murray, Feel the Warmth

“Jessica and the Phoenixville Chamber have been very helpful and useful to work with over the years. I appreciate the time that Jessica takes with me to discuss upcoming projects and events going on in Phoenixville throughout the year. Having  a relationship with the Chamber is a very useful tool to have for any business. Our Chamber is always bringing in more events to Phoenixville and as this town grows they do a really good job for all. I know how lucky we are to have such a good Chamber team. Thank you !!”
Marjorie Hasiak, Event Coordinator, Molly Maguire’s Irish Restaurant & Pub & The Fenix Bar

“As a long time chamber member who has become more involved in the last year, I have really seen the benefits of my involvement.
First and foremost, the chamber members are a terrific group of people who I always look forward to seeing and chatting with at the events.
The opportunity to meet so many diverse people has inspired me to want to do more and be more involved in my community.
I’ve met so many new people, and connected with old friends, and look forward to all of the opportunities I have to spend time with them.

Our business has reaped the benefits of our membership many times over as well. We have connected with fellow business leaders in the community and been able to forge new business memberships, all thanks to our chamber membership.

We have been able to share the building space we occupy in Kimberton for events, and have been able to provide studio services for video production to some of our awesome non-profits as well.

Our relationship with the chamber management and our collaboration on public relations and advertising has been a tremendous help to our PMG division as well.

Finally my involvement with the Ambassador Committee has given me the opportunity to assist in welcoming new members into the chamber and guide them on their membership journey.

The Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce has been a real shot in the arm for us, as lifelong members of the community, who are continuing to learn more about our community and its rebirth.”
Buffy Maclelland, Applied Video Technology & Phoenix Media Group

“The Good Samaritan Shelter views the Phoenixville Regional Chamber of Commerce as a valued community partner.  We absolutely love attending the Chamber meetings and participating in the Chamber events.  Jessica and the staff at the Chamber do an excellent job of building community among the various Chamber members.  Phoenixville is fortunate to have a strong Chamber that promotes business development and member-to-member networking opportunities.  As a non-profit it is critical that we build relationships with the business community and spread the message of our work.  The Chamber provides an avenue for us to achieve that.  I think membership and participation in the Chamber is essential for any non-profit that’s looking to build relationships, gain exposure and learn practical business tips.”
Nate Hoffer, Good Samaritan Shelter