Starting a Business

Starting a Business

If you are considering starting a business, you know there are many steps and items to accomplish.
But you don’t have to do it alone.

We have some useful resources within this section to help you navigate this process.
First, we suggest that you consider scheduling an appointment with SCORE, whose volunteers can assist with business planning, identifying your goals, and managing the process.
Please click here to be re-directed to the SCORE section.

Second, there are different permits, licenses, codes, etc., dependent upon where you choose to do business. Below are links to the State website on business, as well as links to the municipalities of Phoenixville so that you may understand their processes and/or locate their contact information.

Pennsylvania State Website, Business

Starting a Business in PA

Doing Business in Pennsylvania

Borough of Phoenixville

East Pikeland Township, Phoenixville

Schuylkill Township, Phoenixville


Below are some additional links, including “LERTA”, which is a tax incentive program in our region.


Small Business Administration (SBA)

US Census Bureau

US Bureau of Labor & Statistics

Chester County, PA