Buy Local

Buy Local

local_heartTo Our Wonderful Residents:

Beautiful parks and great schools, a thriving, exciting community… all reasons you chose to put down roots, whether for a moment or for a lifetime. Our town is full of great people, lots of parks, and a very active calendar of events that take place throughout the year. We are home to more than 50 non-profit organizations dedicated to serving the community in a variety of capacities, and a host of organizations that are committed to showcasing the beauty and history of our wonderful town.

So why should you shop here? For exactly those reasons.

Sixty-eight percent of every dollar spent locally stays local, whether through support to emergency services or schools, or through donations to those local non-profits. Shopping local in Phoenixville has also helped create a vibrant town and has raised property values tremendously. Shopping local truly benefits everyone!

Phoenixville is more than a place, it’s a community; it’s YOUR community, it’s your school, it’s your home. Put your money where your heart is.


For Our Visitors:

From record stores to great vintage clothing, handmade chocolates to the works of local artists, Phoenixville is the proud home of unique shops and boutiques! We guarantee you’ll find something you love right here in our town.

When you’ve finished shopping, we’d love for you to join us for dinner! Our variety of American, Irish, Thai, Mediterranean, French, Latin, and Italian restaurants will let you take a foodie tour around the world just by walking four blocks.

Not sure if Phoenixville is your kind of town? That’s okay! Our Find It In PXV video series is the perfect place to find out. Come window shop in Phoenixville without even leaving your home!

Find It In PXV

Here are some other resources for shopping locally in Phoenixville!

Phoenixville Area Business Association

Phoenixville Farmers’ Market

Welcome. Discover. Enjoy.

 The Stats:

Check out this info graphic, cited from the Huffington Post.

Buy Local InfographicBuy Local Infographic - Photo