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Messaging below provided by Phoenixville Area Economic Development Corporation (PAEDCO).

Phoenixville Area Economic Development Corporation “PAEDCO” was formed in 1983 by local business leaders to revive the town’s economy. PAEDCO acts as a conduit for growth in the Phoenixville Area.  Our goal is to serve as a catalyst to key projects that will serve both economic development and benefit the community.  Throughout the years, PAEDCO has contributed through various grants and also headed several key projects that have played a critical role in Phoenixville’s Renaissance.


Past projects and grants include:

HISTORIC DISTRICT (1989) – Championed Phoenixville’s nationally registered Historic District, comprising over 1,200 properties.

RENAISSNACE PARK (1994) – PAEDCO had received grants from the federally-funded National Endowment for the Arts, the PA Council for the Arts and several private donors to develop the park and mural.

COLONIAL THEATRE (1996) – In accordance with targeted goals to save legacy buildings, PAEDCO purchased the Colonial Theatre to save it from demolition. PAEDCO put out a call for use concepts to perspective buyers, seeking a buyer that would best enhance the downtown.  The theatre was sold to the Association of the Colonial Theatre.

PHOENIXVILLE FOUNDRY (1998-2006) – After years of deterioration and listed as one of the nine most endangered buildings in Pennsylvania, PAEDCO made the decision to save this historic treasure. Funds were raised to acquire the building and after reviewing several concepts for its use, The Hankin Group purchased the building. Hankin provided a visionary plan for the creation of a flexible event space that melds the industrial character of the building with modern elements that add an elegant sophistication to the interior spaces.

COLONIAL THEATRE (2010)- Gifted $150,000 of seed money to kickstart Association for the Colonial Theatre’s fundraising to purchase the former bank building.

PHOENIXVILLE MARKETING SUMMIT (2010) – PAEDCO Authored and sponsored.  Designed to collect ideas and find common ground that will be used to create a city-wide marketing plan built on collaborations and partnerships.

PHOENIXVILLE REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (2014) – Gifted $10,000 toward development of the Chamber’s website.

100 BRIDGE STREET (2014-2016) – In accordance with targeted goal to improve town gateways and create owner occupied businesses, PAEDCO purchased and renovated the derelict building at 100 Bridge Street.  The property was sold to Bluebird Distillery.