Awakening the Power of the Heart

Awakening the Power of the Heart

Saturday, March 30, 2019 Awakening the Power of the Heart


The heart is a gateway of personal transformation, through which you learn to live your life with greater presence, vitality and joy.

As you begin to work with the power of the heart, you learn new ways of being in the world by living through the guidance and wisdom of the Heart, and you come to know the true depth and power of the infinite being that you are.

You will be introduced to the practice of Heart Intelligence. Heart Intelligence is the art of experiencing more joy through learning to accept yourself as you are in any given moment without making yourself wrong.

In this interactive retreat, you will:

Be introduced to simple yet profound tools that enable you to connect into and be present in your Heart
Learn to express yourself through the Heart
Experience interacting with others from an authentic, Heart centered space
Experience the profound joy of being seen, heard, received, acknowledged and held in the sacred space of the Heart.

All Levels Welcome. Dress Comfortably and bring a notebook/journal.
Fees: $125
Schedule: Saturday 10-5 PM