A Walk in the Woods with our Forest, Field and Farm Kindergarten Teacher

A Walk in the Woods with our Forest, Field and Farm Kindergarten Teacher

Saturday, March 23, 2019 A Walk in the Woods with our Forest, Field and Farm Kindergarten Teacher


Join us for a Walk in the Woods!

Parents and children are invited to experience Kimberton’s 430 acre campus and meet with teachers as we visit the animals, tour the garden building and learn more about our outdoor kindergarten program as we walk along the French creek. Registration requested but not required.

In the Forest, Field, and Farm Kindergarten, the “classroom” is the school’s breathtaking 430-acre campus, with its rolling hills, farm and gardens, conservation trail, bubbling creeks, and wooded areas. Held outdoors, this program encourages children to play, explore, and immerse themselves in the natural environment — giving them the opportunity to use their imaginations, develop critical thinking skills, stretch their muscles, and hone their motor skills.

The curriculum grows out of the ever-changing environment. The children are busy working in the garden, observing animals, witnessing changes in the land, crafting, and playing in nature’s playground. These kinds of activities develop a deep sense of wonder about the natural world and lay the foundation for scientific inquiry. Sticks, acorns, leaves, and other treasures become props for imaginative play and implements for counting, sorting, and pattern-recognition. Storytelling, songs, and poems provide a rich, language-based experience. Each day, children connect with the Earth, themselves, and others through:

• Seasonal storytelling and song
• Exploration of animal habitats
• Nature crafts and handwork projects
• Water and sand play
• Farm chores: tending the garden and caring for animals
• Observation of the natural world
• Physical movement: climbing, hiking, swinging, rolling, running and more!

Kimberton Waldorf School has a mixed aged kindergarten program for children 4-6. Learn more about our programs.
Please register by calling Tammi in admissions at 610.933.3635 x108, or by email at admissions@kimberton.org.