Art, Street Festival

Art, Street Festival

Sunday, June 04, 2017 Art, Street Festival


We are featuring our town with a Block Party. We have a lot to offer with our unique retail stores and Restaurants, when we all put our efforts together. There will be something for everybody with music, food, craft vendors, display of art, interactive activities and more.

Anybody from town is welcome to put up a booth. A $50 fee can help pay for performers and advertisement. A criteria for a booth is when you can offer a quality product or service that can add to the bigger picture. Advertisement is kept on a minimum. We want to inspire each other, so quality and creativity is in the focus. We want colors, fun, inspiration and happy people.

We will have space for about 50 vendors, 18 of them from the 200 block. I can add out of town vendors if needed. Do you like the idea?, and if so, how do you see your participation? I will coordinate the efforts, and update you all, when we have something substantial. Send me your ideas and thoughts to, or call me at 610 933 9199.

What we have so far are Rich from Artisans Café is going to sit out on the sidewalk together with his potter college Nell Hazinski  with their potter’s wheel. Orion will have “Christmas in June”, gathering gift item, which they will give to the needy. Steel City will have music from their stage for the duration of the festival. Zen Village Wellness center will offer chair massage. Phoenix Village Art Center is gamed, and I am sure will come up with something good. Same counts for Diving Cat Gallery and the Community Eco center. For the Restaurants and Bars, I hope they will occupy the spaces in front of their establishments, to serve us all. I might add 2 food vendors, if deemed necessary. I will have music close to Gay Street, and various street performers spread around town.

The stores and establishments outside the 200 block is also encouraged to have a larger presence, by moving out on the sidewalk, or have special events. Special events can be advertised on our program, poster and with way finding signs.

Please download the form below.