Fiddle School

Fiddle School

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 Fiddle School


The Flapping Fiddle School uses folk music to teach children and adults to play the violin, viola, cello, and bass in a two-week summer session. We believe folk music provides musicians a chance to free their playing and train their ears to develop a deeper appreciation for music and its roots. We learn solid string techniques while having fun with American, Irish, Welsh, and Scandinavian tunes. Our intensive two-week daily program gives beginning students an early start to their school or private lessons, and advanced students an opportunity to enjoy music at a higher level and expand their theory and note-reading skills. Register online and find out more at


Husband-and-wife team, Joe Klapper and Jennifer Fleeger (the Flappers) began playing together 18 years ago when they met in the New York Repertory Orchestra. Their two children play violin and viola. Together with their children, they started the fiddle school in 2017 and are now joined by two more teachers, Melissa Brun and Elizabeth Grimshaw.