WalkWorks ChesCo! Looking for Local Businesses

WalkWorks ChesCo! Looking for Local Businesses

June 5, 2018

To Local Businesses,

We all know that walking has great health benefits, but did you know that promoting walking has economic benefits? The presence of sidewalks and other walking facilities is shown to increase property values, promote tourism, and allow people to safely and conveniently patronize local shops, businesses, and restaurants.

My name is Ashley Orr and I am the Population Health Supervisor at the Chester County Health Department. I am reaching out to see if you are interested in becoming a WalkWorks partner to promote walking in your community! As you may know, you have a WalkWorks route in your community, which offers an accessible and interesting route through your community highlighting some great points of interest.

WalkWorks ChesCo! is looking for businesses who are willing to have a WalkWorks flier with your community’s route map available in your business for customers to pick up. We can also provide posters with your community’s route if you have a bulletin board or would like to post that somewhere in your business, as well. We will provide you with a WalkWorks Partner window cling that you can display to be easily identified as a partner. We will print and deliver any materials to you. Please note that your business does not need to be on the WalkWorks route to be a partner; we welcome all businesses in the area to join us in promoting walking in your community!

In return, we will highlight you as a business partner on our website and through our other communication channels, including community outreach events, social media, and our WalkerTracker step tracking system. If you would like to share coupons or incentives with our WalkWorks participants, we are happy to share those, as well!

Our goal is walk 5 Billion Steps with 5,000 walkers in Chester County in 2018! Currently, we have about 2.4 billion steps logged and nearly 3,500 walkers registered. We are well on our way, but you can help us get the word out and reach our goal!

If you are interested in becoming a partner, want to learn more about WalkWorks ChesCo!, or have additional questions, please reach out to us at WalkWorks@chesco.org.