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The Phoenixville Art Fix is a place to discover visual, performing, and creative arts and events throughout Phoenixville. It encourages local artists and local businesses that support the arts, while supporting community involvement in the arts.

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Lee Pohlsander

About Lee Pohlsander, writer and editor
Lee Pohlsander is a visual artist and performing arts enthusiast with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Lee works in creative and graphic design, and worked in arts administration with dance and theatre companies. Lee chose to live in Phoenixville for the vibrant downtown and active arts scene. She is happy to promote arts, community, and business, believing that they all win when they work together.




#8: Outside and Inside, The Arts Amaze in August! (8/4/16)

It’s not just the temperature; the arts are hot, exciting, and fantastic this month! With so much to see, listen to, watch, enjoy, and participate in, it will be hard to find time for everything!

#7: Summer is heating up! (6/27/16)

Summer is off to a great start, and events are really getting hot! Get ready for 2016’s third First Friday on July 1, BlobFest July 8-10, and a variety of inspiring events showcasing the arts that make Phoenixville a great place to live and work.

#6: An Unstoppable Town (9/8/15)

September brings a variety of new and inspiring events all around Phoenixville. From weekly to monthly events, or special one-time shows, Phoenixville is becoming an unstoppable artistic community.

#5: Cultural Arts Near and Far (7/3/15)

There’s a buzz around town for upcoming events and permanent artwork that add to what makes Phoenixville such an exciting place. See a new mural being created, take part in annual Blobfest festivities, as well as visit art shows displaying cultural works by artists near and far.

#4: Supporting All Art Forms (5/29/15)

From filmography to pottery, from historical art to rock ‘n’ roll music, Phoenixville is your place to find any number of exciting artistic events!

#3: Art For All Ages (4/13/15)

Whether you are a kid, teen or adult, there are plenty of ways to explore your artistic side! From summer camp, to the history of art in Phoenixville, to an adult yoga & art workshop, and more. Don’t miss out on these fun upcoming opportunities to try out or develop your artistic abilities!

#2: Make a Difference Through the Arts (2/25/15)

Art and creativity can benefit anyone- from kids, to the community and even animals from the Human Society in Phoenixville. There are opportunities to experience art with your family, upcoming summer camps and ways to vocally express your creativity at Open Mic nights!

#1: Starting off the New Year with Art, Creativity, and Music! (1/13/15)

Celebrating the New Year with exhibits of magical art, dancing and singing through music jams and Open Mics, and using creative tools to encourage confidence. A great way to begin a new year!